Paymark Brandstory

The people at Paymark are a humble bunch, grafting away in the background.  But we gave them a nudge and thought it was about time they stepped out of the shadows, as it's important to share a bit about yourself and not become a perennial wallflower.  Making payments sexy can be a tough task, but as it turns out, there's a broad appeal behind these walls which, (in a figurative sense) can be felt throughout the country.


Paymark Brandstory & RECRUITMENT videos


Paymark specialised 'CONNEX' Team RECRUITMENT

Paymark is a pretty unique company - very specialised in what it does and how it does it.  Facilitating almost 80% of NZ's daily, electronic transactions means you need the right people for the job & the Connex team is a small but crucial part of its core.  To ensure the Connex team remains bolstered and on top of their game, Paymark needs to attract the attention of a very specific and global audience.  

Paymark 'general' RECRUITMENT

While they might be humble, the team certainly have their quirks.  So, they thought it might be best to let any curious future employees know what they are in for.  Fluke encouraged a wider view of the project scope from the outset, which inspired multiple use of content in order to inform, attract and engage the right people in what it means to be - Paymark. 



Other Paymark products videos

OPEN  Powered by Paymark

OPEN Powered by Paymark

Online Eftpos

Online Eftpos



Paymark are by no means just ‘zip-n-zap’.  They are continually striving to develop products which customers and merchants alike, need.  Fluke creates content as tools to help spread the word and engage those in need of easier ways to handle, manage and make payments - i.e. everyone.