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OPEN is a centralised cloud-based hub or network that everyone can connect to via simple APIs to rapidly develop, evolve and deliver innovative payment experiences. And by everyone we mean… everyone. Banks, our payments industry partners, fintechs and kiwi businesses alike. Our vision is simple - to help New Zealand business succeed. To forge ahead and deliver new payment experiences for a digitally enabled mobile first world.

The power of content strategy & pinpointed media-spend ensured the message was communicated to over 420,000 viewers on YouTube alone. The content was also delivered through EDMs, newsletters and merchant’s electronic bills.

In an exposē presentation at the Fintech awards 2018, the playing of this video prompted the NZ’s finance minister to urge all banks to take action by the end of 2019, in forming a memorandum to work together and create more open methods of banking for the customer.