Zebra Vineyard - photographic stills Selects

Bendigo is receiving increasing recognition as the Central Otago's ultimate setting for the husbandry of premium pinot noir grapes.  This comes as no surprise, of course, to those who consider themselves lucky enough to live and work amongst this intensely variable and enrapturing landscape. 


Below, these multiple 'stitched' images are the perfect medium to capture the unique terroir and setting of Zebra's blocks in geographical context. 

They can be utilised as a whole, or specific sections of interest can be selected from within the wider panorama at a different aspect ratio.

zebra vineyard's people

The word Terroir has the amazing ability to sum up the many essential parts to the backbone of creating wine.  More often than not, it's the people - with their decision making, vision, sacrifice, passion and unfaltering dedication, which play an integral role in the industry's success stories.  For the website, these stills introduce the faces behind the name - Zebra.  When accompanied with copy, their aim will be to capture the humble and relatable nature of those spearheading Zebra's endeavours.


chinaman's terrace - property

As an aside, Fluke was asked to snap some shots of the main house upon the terrace.