Te Awa Single Estate vineyards and winery are situated in the renowned Gimblett Gravels of Hawke's Bay, bound by the Kaweka Ranges to the west and the spine of Te Mata Peak to the east.  No better place for us to start a combined showcase of the natural elements, winemaking and lifestyle than the place that has it all.  From dawn to dusk, the following content was captured across one day.



'Night to day' sunrise time-lapse was undertaken from the hillside across from the estate.  Below you can see the stages of light as it transpires and stills can be derived from the process as stand alone pieces each having the potential to portray a different mood. The time-lapse above has been put together as shot, however it has wide range and is able to be manipulated in post to the desired brand feel.  The purposefully shot composure means there is plenty of negative space available to use with copy or branding. 

Panoramic Photography

The prime location of Te Awa vineyards and winery on the Hawke's Bay's Gimblett Gravels means it is centre stage to some of the most dramatic sunsets on offer.  The place is known foremost for its wines.  Apart from the soils it is the weather pattern's interplay with the topography which play as much a role in the final product - evident in the clouds being skirting the gravels and being 



A selection of aerial stills have been captured to best represent Te Awa Estate.  There were a few variables, including the construction site at the back of the winery, the space designated for expansion and the obvious gaps in the vines.  If you really like a particular shot, but some of the above features are detracting - we can discuss some extra hours to further enhance / manipulate these images in photoshop.


Stephen tindall - kitchen


White wine lifestyle


RED wine lifestyle


people & Place

Some outdoors stills with Stephen and the surrounding area of Te Awa Estate.