MUSTO - Antarctica

Musto, the Queen’s brand.  When she goes to extremes she likes to rug up, keep dry and be practically prepared for anything.  As part of an intrepid content capturing voyage, Fluke were hitting the high seas toward the southernmost reaches of this planet.  Antarctica.  Once Musto got wind of this, they raised the mainsail with its flagship line of Artic Pro & Evolution Series protective gear.  


While the team at Fluke certainly know how to handle a lense and even a cantankerous director, they weren’t all too familiar with the southern swells of the Drake Passage or the extremes of the continent.  The crew delighted in putting Musto’s upperdeck range of sailing and outerwear to the test.  Musto, we look forward to testing your range of cabin slippers next season.

Subsequently Musto requested some show time frames from Fluke to showcase their line in the chief London store for the winter release