Ha The Unclear  ~  Kosmonavt

From the Album Bacterium, Look at Your Motor Go came Ha The Unclear's first music video.  Kosmonavt, like any credible work of art, allows the listener to take from it what they will. With this in mind, the band showed a true sense of apathy toward what would visually constitute a representation of their song.  Along with our friends at Pixelpush, Fluke took charge of this project, settling on a thematically literal character, leaving the subject's journey to delve into the abstract.  For us, the song was reflective of both the individual's and society's eternal struggle for meaning and sense of place on a planet rapidly growing tired of carrying our sorry arses.  Sometimes, what we search for is right in front of us or, unwittingly, known to us all along.                                                                             

The holes in the roof are made from stars.
— M. Cathro, Part-time Bard.

Behind the Scenes

It's always nice to capture the process. Here are some stills from a black sand scorcher at Karekare and 'in the pines, the pines' of Woodhill Forest. Trying to nutshell humanity's unfolding saga in four minutes & sixteen seconds is a task as big as the universe itself.  Luckily, we had a swathe of amazing people with a myriad of skills and untold amounts of 'can do'. To each and every one of you, we are forever grateful.