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The tight knit team at Fluke realise the importance of sharing a deeper message and the weight it carries in terms of perception and relationship with the audience. With a wide client base, their work ranges from strategy to distribution; brand videos and web content to music videos, large scale art installation and everything in between - their goal is to unveil and celebrate the essence of storytelling. Fluke pride themselves on execution and thorough process, always striving to deliver high production value. Whether it’s videography, photography, in the air, underwater, no matter the medium, stories are at the core of their business and they deliver an authentic and emotional connection with each chapter.

Moa BrandStory

As an early explorer in New Zealand’s beer crafting industry, Moa Brewing Company's dedication has never wavered. A pioneering spirit, along with their provenance in Marlborough remains the unmistakeable secret ingredient in their beer. Fluke harnessed this charming characteristic and set out to showcase the genuine pride in where Moa has come from and where they're heading to. 

While humility and a love for tradition informs their techniques, Moa accepts new challenges with their intrinsically adventurous spirit - embracing obstacles and opportunities with a boldness and energy that sets them apart. Their office is also their backyard, its elements dictate their pursuits in work and play. It’s the relationship between people and place which they treasure most and Fluke were proud to capture and share that philosophy with the rest of New Zealand and all four corners of the globe.

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Esk Valley

Esk Valley Estate wanted to really capture the essence of their special site and the story which they have kept a cork in for years. It was strikingly obvious to Fluke, upon first meeting the winemaker, that Gordon's approach to his vocation could also be applied to telling his story.

Taking his lead, all that was left for Fluke to do was to step back and observe the natural order of things, and the part each intersecting element has to play in the process. Where art and science meet.

You can find real characters in any corner of NZ, enjoying what they do and doing it with earnest and The Hawke's Bay is no exception. At Esk Valley the characters may be a little bashful, but the art of story telling is sometimes a {social} science too.

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Paymark Brandstory 

Paymark is a real behind the scenes company. It's not their job to stand on a soapbox, but rather get on with the task at hand - running and supporting NZ's intricate and complex payments network so that we don't miss a beat. Fluke thought it was about time Paymark stepped out from the shadows and puffed their chest a bit. A chest which encompasses the beating heart of NZ's economic pulse.

Metaphors aside, Fluke recognised immediately that Paymark was crucial to the lifeblood of NZ's economy. Shooting and incorporating time-lapse of everyday Kiwi businesses and customers alike set an exemplifying  pace of this big, little country; and finally brought this team of passionate and pivotal, behind the scenes people into the light.

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OPEN powered by Paymark

Being the industry innovators that they are, Paymark is rallying banks and Fintechs with their thought leadership and practical action. OPEN enables Paymark's long existing and steadfast network, along with their technical and knowledge based experience to set the path for change in the future of payments in NZ.

Fluke took the opportunity to showcase this rather intangible concept in an everyday language that people can understand. Currently, the campaign has garnered over 400,000 views, piquing the interest of the financial sector, merchants and consumers alike. Change is coming and payments are now a hot topic.


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MUSTO - Antarctica

As part of an intrepid content capturing voyage, Fluke were traversing the high seas en route to the southernmost reaches of our blue planet. Not ones to pass up an opportunity and knowing the crew were packed to the gunwales with cameras, Musto came alongside with their top of the line Expedition Collection protective gear. 

The team were excited to be putting both the gear and their eye to the test against the elements. The resulting Antarctic content was warmly received by Musto and used for their new line's northern hemisphere launch a few months later.   

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Villa Maria - Vine To Wine

Chapter One - Start of the Journey

When two of NZ's most admired and trusted brands form a partnership, there's bound to be a story come from it. There are many things that NZ is internationally renowned for and increasingly over the years - it's our wine. As a major contributor to the international wine market, Villa Maria was eager to export its story globally too.

The exclusive wine partner to Air New Zealand turned to Fluke to create a 5 part 'mini-series' for inflight entertainment, showcasing the fundamentals and philosophies at the core of their 50+ year success story.   

Vine To Wine - All five chapters