Gimblett gravels

Unique beyond all measure in the Southern Hemisphere, the Gimblett Gravels were the first, and remain the only wine territory in the world to be defined purely by soil type rather than social, political or geographical boundaries. New Zealand's dynamic and ever-changing landscape was the catalyst for this beautiful disaster. In the 1860’s, huge floods dominated the Hawke's Bay region, where torrents travelled down from the ranges in the west, carrying with them such load and force that it changed the path of the Ngaruroro River, exposing low fertility red metal alluvial soils.  

Many of the varietals associated with the 'Bordeaux style', including cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc are at home in the Gravels. Alongside the much celebrated syrah, they develop complex, powerful flavours while retaining fresh, crisp elegance.  The extent and capacity of the Gravels to produce fruit is finite, no doubt contributing to the increasing demand and reputation of these wines throughout the globe, which consistently hold their own on the world stage. Through stunning aerials, time-lapse and animation we tell the story of this defined terroir, incorporating all of the elements which make this area so special : weather, elevation, topography, sunshine hours, soils and importantly, the people and their vision for a world class product. Its past, present and future.