Esk Valley estate

We were honoured to be invited to Esk Valley Winery around crunch time – harvest.  Gordon Russell, and his hardworking cohorts, craft the most incredibly special wines, vintage after vintage.  And this one was no different.  Esk Valley wanted to really capture the essence of this special site and the story which they have bottled for years.  To do this isn’t hard – just follow this simple recipe: take a handful of amazingly passionate people, combine with a measured amount of vine age and leave to proof in a temperate micro-climate.  Handle gently.  Store out of the light in bottle.  Esk is definitely not an example of too many chefs in the kitchen, nor too many viticulturists in the vines.  In terms of shooting this objectively, Esk’s simplicity in approach to winemaking could only be met with the respect it deserved - to let the wine speak for itself.  Here is our first attempt at an autobiography.