Antarctica Behind the Scenes

'Antarctica, while you were sleeping' is a project four years in the making from multimedia artist Joseph Michael. Joe rallied together his creative and practical friends to take on the southern most latitudes in search of content for his world premiere exhibition featured in the 2017 Auckland Arts Festival.

Stills, footage, and audio were captured for the main event but here, a sneak peak behind the scenes describes the philosophy and journey in realising the artist's vision.





exhibition teaser

The Auckland War Memorial Museum was super excited to have their iconic building used as a 360° canvas for the installation. Prior to the event, a short reel was needed for publicity through various channels, therefore an edit was made including footage from Antarctica, post production snippets back home, a sample of the original score and a animated wrap was applied to an aerial of the museum.



The Exhibition

The culmination of four year's work was the world's first installation of Antarctica - while you were sleeping on the Auckland War Memorial Museum as part of the 2017 Auckland Arts Festival.  25,000 people experienced the colossal urban iceberg.